my own private omnivore’s dilemma

It can be tough being an omnivore these days — but it’s not hopeless. Even before reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, I considered the impact of my culinary choices and thought of myself as a responsible eater. Buying from the farmer’s market when I could, buying organic as much as possible, eating what I thought was meat from humanely treated animals (it’s not always so easy to tell, sometimes you’ve got to take a leap of faith).

But since reading the book, I’ve made another change to my diet. I’m only eating grass-fed beef. If you don’t plan on reading the book, trust me, grass-fed is not only healthier, it’s easier on the animal (they really can’t digest corn, which is what they’re fed the bulk of their penned-up lives), and the environment — especially if the beeves (yes, in farmer’s parlance that’s plural for beef) are pasture fed.

So this past Saturday my boyfriend and I went to a BBQ and brought our own hot dogs to accommodate for this new eating choice (see above). They were Applegate Farms Organic Grass-fed Hot Dogs (can’t ya just picture pastures full of hot dogs grazing on grass?), and they were pretty damn tasty. We got them at our local Fairway supermarket. They may be available at your local grocer. You can also buy ’em on their site.

On to a different animal. The pig. I love pigs. They’re so cute, and so tasty! (Sorry to the vegetarians reading this post. I think I felt a collective cringe and sigh from you.) I don’t eat pork that often, but when I do, I’d prefer one that’s had a relatively happy life. So we turn to Niman Ranch for their quality products. And they’re pork bratwursts are even more delicious than the aforementioned hot dogs. A slight spicy bite from the ginger and spices, and like they say on their site, they’re great on a roll with mustard.

You can get Niman Ranch products on their site, and sometimes on Amazon. You might be able to get them at your local Whole Foods or other supermarkets. And if you live in NYC, they’re available at Fairway.


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