father’s day gift guide

You wouldn’t buy Dad another tie, or a t-shirt that says “World’s Best Dad” on it for Father’s Day, would you? I didn’t think so. Well, if you need some help picking out a little something special for Pops for his special day, there’s still time. Here are some ideas with every budget in mind:

  1. Gift subscription to the Green Guide. Opt for the downloadable version for an even greener gift ($15 paper version, $12 online version).
  2. The Kindle — yeah, it’s an electronic device, but it saves tons of paper. Dad can download books, magazines, newspapers, and even blogs ($359).
  3. If Dad’s not techy, or just likes the old-fashioned printed word, get him a used or rare book from Alibris.
  4. Adopt an endangered animal, like the gray wolf (for as little as $20).
  5. Outdoor fire pit set made of a repurposed steel drum and utilizing clean-burning logs from VivaTerra ($259).
  6. Succulent garden — an indoor mini garden that doesn’t require a lot of water or care. Or you can make a succulent terraria yourself ($89 or cheaper if you DIY).
  7. Get him a class, like cooking or wine tasting. Or if he’s more adventurous, surfing (prices range).
  8. Give him an experience, like a hot air balloon ride (commentary on the environmental impact here).
  9. Classic shaving kit with straight razor. Make sure the razor is made with good quality carbon steel, like this one (you can also get a cheaper, vintage one on ebay). Be sure to include shaving soap, brush, and strop (vegan options here). How to use one and a comparison of various shaving methods from Mother Earth News here.

For other holidays, encourage your friends and family to sign up for an alternative registry, where recipients can request gifts ranging from meaningful experiences to specific items that aren’t necessarily available in department stores.


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