on sale: eco-fashion

I’m usually willing to pay a little more for fashion that claims to be sustainable. But for those of us on a budget, buying fashionable eco-friendly clothes is not always an option. So ladies, here’s your chance to get some good deals on quality eco-duds. I’ve done a round-up of some of the sales going on at eco-fashion web shops.

Tops ($70 and under)
Piped tunic by Sustainable Collective
(bamboo/organic cotton/spandex)
Was $94/Now $50

[Fashion Ethic]

Cassidy Camisole by Edun
Was $125/Now $65
[The Green Loop]

Crisp blouse by Kelly B
(organic cotton/spandex)
Sale price $70
[BTC Elements]

Half-sleeve hoodie by Stewart+Brown
(organic cotton)
Sale price $42
[BTC Elements]

Bottoms ($95 and under)

Hemp trouser pant by Ryann
Was $128/Now $95
[Fashion Ethic]

Beach shorts by Loomstate
(organic cotton)
Was $129/Now $64
[The Green Loop]

Tutor skirt by Loomstate
(organic cotton denim)
Was $129/Now $65
[The Green Loop]

Wide leg pant by Habitude
(organic cotton twill)
Was $176/Now $90
[The Green Loop]

Dresses (under $170)
Sexy soy halter dress by Anna Cohen
Originally $281/Now $168.60
[Green with Glamour]

“Alison” pleated dress by Sublet
(30% organic cotton, 67% bamboo, 3% spandex)
Originally $242/Now $130
[Fashion Ethic]

Tularosa dress by Loyale
(bamboo/cotton jersey blend)
Originally $160/Now $145

Pinstripe jumper by Bahar Shapar
(organic cotton)
Was $270/Now $135

Aurora dress by Perfectly Imperfect
(organic cotton)
Not on sale, but reasonably priced at $130
[Green with Glamour]

Leigh dress by Kelly B
Not on sale, but reasonably priced at $113
[Green with Glamour]


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