shea butter wonder

I am an avid label reader. I peruse labels on clothing to determine their origin and content, on food to be sure there are no offensive additives, and on beauty products to avoid harmful or polluting chemicals.

So I was delighted yesterday, after getting my haircut, that the stuff my hairdresser was putting in my hair had just a few simple ingredients. Organic shea butter, rosemary, lavender, and bergamot — that’s all that’s inside the lovely Amikole Hair Butter. And it’s made right here in NYC.

This natural wonder is versatile, too. Want to tame fly-aways or give your hair a bit of texture? A little dab is all you need. Use a little more to create a wet look. Massage it into your scalp and wash out for a therapeutic treatment.

Get some for yourself here. Or at Ultra Salon, 123 Essex St, NYC.


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