energy saving for summer

Stay cool in the summer swelter and save money with these simple ways to reduce energy consumption:

  • Close the blinds/curtains/shades to keep out the sun’s rays
  • Keep the windows closed during the day when the heat is most extreme
  • Avoid using the oven — opt for salads and other no-cook meals, use the microwave instead (it’s more efficient and produces less heat), or grill if you’ve got one!
  • Do laundry at night when it’s cooler; wait until you have a full load, use cold water to wash, and hang to dry if you can
  • Run the dishwasher at night and skip the heat dry cycle
  • Take cool showers — using less hot water saves energy
  • Wash your hands in cold water (see above) — don’t worry, you’ll kill as much germs as with warm water
  • Keep lights off during the day and only use lights in the room you’re in at night
  • Use the A/C only in the evening when you’re home, or use fans instead
  • If you have central air, have it set to turn off when you’re not home and raise the temperature to 78 degrees when you are
  • Make sure your home is insulated properly
  • Unplug the energy vampires, those appliances you only occasionally use like the toaster, microwave oven, DVD player
  • Use power strips where multiple appliances are used (think TV, DVD player, stereo, etc.); switch the power strip to off when you leave the house
  • Power down your computer when not in use

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