random brooklyn fireworks and other happenings

I like the outdoors — and not just your typical wilderness full of tall timbers and woodland creatures. Fun things happen when you go outside, even when you live in Brooklyn.

After dinner, my man and I decide to go for a walk. As we turn the corner away from our block, we start seeing flashes and loud noises. What is that, some stupid kids with fireworks? No, that cop just drove in the opposite direction of the noise.

Turns out, there’s a fireworks display going on a block away from our building. It looks like it’s launching from the library roof. Where else does that happen? Fireworks for seemingly no reason, not on the 4th of July or New Year’s.

After the big flashy show in the sky that rattled and confused the area bats (they were flying around all batty-like), we continued our walk along Prospect Park.

What’s that now? It sounds like a band playing. Maybe it’s a movie? It sounds like a movie. We decide to check it out. As we get closer to the long meadow, the big screen appears. Yup, it’s a movie. At first we’re disappointed — it’s Hairspray, the remake. I feel a bit like Andy Rooney by saying this but, Why do they feel the need to remake movies? Isn’t the first time around good enough? (Can’t you hear his quavery voice?) And there’s nothing worse than John Travolta in a fat lady suit and a bad Baltimore accent.

Surprisingly, his performance aside, the 20 minutes or so we watched were pretty entertaining. It’s actually an appropriate movie to play in a park where I often have flashbacks to Sesame Street, the epitome of multi-culti integration.

So what’s the point of all this? I dunno, maybe I just wanted to let you know that I like spending time outside — it’s gotta be healthier than sitting here, like I am now, on the couch typing away on the computer.

Get outside! Check out the Prospect Park events calendar.


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