dust bunnies, beware!

I’ve been rearranging some things in our apartment, finding new uses for existing furniture. But I’ve discovered something in the process — man, this place is dusty! I’d like to chase away the dust bunnies, but I don’t want to grab chemically fresh Pledge or any of its kin — that stuff gives me a headache. So I’m whipping up some natural furniture cleaner.

[Image: Lisa Martin, Dust Bunny Challenge]

I did a little research and all it takes is a simple salad dressing. Really. All you need is some vinegar (distilled white works just fine, apple cider works but might stain) and a touch of olive oil or jojoba oil (it keeps longer ’cause it doesn’t go rancid). Or some lemon juice and a bit of olive oil if you prefer the lemony fresh scent. Just dip a soft cloth (I used a thick cotton t-shirt rag) in the mixture and wipe on wood furniture. Works like a charm.

Here’s a simple recipe using lemon oil, courtesy Annie Bond of Care2:

Lemon Oil Duster
Make sure the lemon oil is pure essential oil and doesn’t contain petroleum distillates.

10 drops lemon oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
A few drops olive oil or jojoba

Dip a soft recycled cloth, such as one of flannel, in the lemon oil mixture, and wipe furniture.


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