tread lightly: eco travel

One of my eco vices is travel. I love to go to new places, especially if there’s a chance I’ll see some wildlife. The conundrum is this: in pursuing this desire to experience all of the planet’s wonders, I’m contributing to its detriment.

The only way to stop loving the planet to death is to sacrifice travel altogether — I’m not ready to do that. But I am willing to put some effort into reducing my ecological impact when I travel. For starters, I can pack less stuff, take my own water bottle (empty, of course, to get through airport security), offset my carbon output, and choose lodging that’s environmentally responsible.

National Geographic Traveler put together a comprehensive guide that offers 50 ways to travel responsibly (well, as responsibly as possible) and still have fun. It’s a great resource to consult before your next trip.

[National Geographic via Treehugger]

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