climate change exhibit

Coming soon to the Museum of Natural History…

Climate Change: The Threat To Life and A New Energy Future

Exhibition opens October 18, 2008, and will remain on view through August 16, 2009, before traveling to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, and South America

Climate Change will give visitors a scientific context to help make sense of today’s most urgent headlines on global warming. More importantly, the exhibition will inspire visitors to participate in the world-changing discussion on how best to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The central part of the exhibition will explore the effects of climate change on several separate but interrelated areas: Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, land, and polar ice sheets. Scientists have documented a dramatic increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the past 150 years—especially CO2 (carbon dioxide)—caused primarily by the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and other changes in land use. Climate Change will use realistic dioramas, hands-on activity stations, and dynamic animations to understand the climate’s response to the build-up of greenhouse gases and explore the repercussions for today’s world and future generations.

You bet your globally warmed butt I’ll be there!

More info here.


One Response to “climate change exhibit”

  1. Andre Blackman Says:

    Hey there Liz,My name is Andre and I am actually working with the American Museum of Natural History to spread awareness of their Climate Change exhibit. If you are already planning to attend, I just wanted to extend a special invitation to you for a press event open to environmental bloggers such as yourself. The even is on 10/14 – if you are interested, please contact me at ablackman@newmediastrategies.netThanks!Andre

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