bill niman and his goats (!!!)

Bill Niman is going back to his roots. He walked away from Niman Ranch — and even his name — after disagreements with new management over protocols in animal treatment. (I’m not sure I’ll be able to eat Niman Ranch anymore, I’ll have to do some more research on this one.)

[Image: Chad Case for The New York Times]

This time, he’s focusing on goats. I love goats, but I’m not sure I can eat one. They’re almost like dogs in my mind. But if they’re humanely raised (ie, able to live a healthy life, doing the things that goats like to do) I guess the practice of farming them for meat is okay with me. I don’t know Mr. Niman, but I think I can trust that he takes good care of his goats. And his vegetarian wife probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Read the NY Times article about Niman and his goats.

Check out some picture I took recently at the Central Park Zoo:


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