vimeo climate change video contest

Brighter Planet and 1Sky put together a video contest to inspire the next president to take action on climate change. Climate Matters winners will be announced tomorrow, October 21st.

Here’s one of the finalist videos. Go to Vimeo for more.

Climate Matters from Brighter Planet on Vimeo.

The top videos will be delivered to Washington just before the November elections to ensure that our next president and next Congress receives the message loud and clear: America is ready for bold leadership on climate change!



2 Responses to “vimeo climate change video contest”

  1. Andrew at 1Sky Says:

    Liz, thanks for this post! The contest was a huge success and you can check out the winners on the 1Sky blog ( We’re doing a series of posts focusing on each winner. Keep up your great work!

  2. Liz Says:

    Hi Andrew,I see I chose the winning video! They’re all really moving and I’m so glad you held the contest.Thanks for visiting!Liz

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