new york times covers proposition 2:

support for humane farm animal treatment

[Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States.
Image: Michael Kelley for The New York Times]

In the Barnyard Strategist, Maggie Jones for the New York Times details all sides of the story on Proposition 2 — the measure that will provide farm animals with an incremental improvement in their living conditions.

Proposition 2, co-sponsored by the Humane Society and Farm Sanctuary, the biggest farm-animal-rights group in the United States, focuses on what are considered the worst animal-confinement systems in factory farms. The ballot initiative, which voters will decide on Nov. 4, requires that by 2015 farm animals be able to stand up, lie down, turn around and fully extend their limbs. In effect that translates into a ban on the two-foot-wide crates that tightly confine pregnant pigs and calves raised for veal — a space so small that they can’t turn around. And it would eliminate so-called battery cages where four or more hens share a space about the size of a file drawer.

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The election is almost 1 week away!

But you still have time to help.

All I’m asking is that you help me reach my goal of having 20 friends donate $20 each to help 20 million animals. So far, 4 friends have showed their support.

Please click on the graphic below to donate to my $20/20 Campaign.


2 Responses to “new york times covers proposition 2:”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The animal rights movement started as the animal police. They have now moved in to shut down every farmer. They dont care that animal farmers are also crop farmers. The farmers cant make a living growing just crops. When you shut down a animal farmer you also shut down a wheat farm. The animal rights groups dont care that the farms wont be handed over in this takeover. Farm land is worth 3 times what agriculture prices are. The farmers cant afford to pay for prop. 2. If I get censored off this forom I will print THAT in my up coming book. The AR movement has become the new mafia.

  2. Liz Says:

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. I do not censor opposing views because I believe that everyone should have a voice. However, I do not agree with you that animal protection advocates want to shut down farms. I understand this will not be a simple fix for every farmer. But the current farm system is not sustainable and is unhealthy and inhumane for both the animals and the humans who eat them.

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