more animals!

Writing from Sydney, Australia
(9:12pm Sydney, 5:12am NYC)

It’s been quite an animal extravaganza for me in Australia. Flying foxes, various exotic birds, baby farm animals, and just yesterday, I got to pet a koala and feed a kangaroo.

As part of an Eco Adventure tour (Dal Myles Tours), I got to visit Featherdale Wildlife Park where they boast one the most diverse private collections of Australian native wildlife. Since I was on a larger tour, I only got to spend an hour at the park. I think I could have spent the entire day.

Here are a few of the animals I saw on my visit. Unfortunately, my memory card or reader is on the fritz so I couldn’t download the rest of the photos, including pics of the Blue Mountains. Hopefully I can get that sorted out when I get home.

Hey fat wombat!

Soft and cuddly… and potentially dangerous

A roo eats out of my hand…

…and holds hands with this woman

Yes, there are penguins in Australia. Africa, too.

Some of the animals on the other memory card: albino wallaby, crocodile, various birds (including a white peacock), and a tasmanian devil. I’ve got to get those pictures!

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