happy heart day gift ideas

I think that if you’re lucky to have someone special in your life, you should treat every day like it’s St. Valentine’s Day. But I do like the ceremony of the so-called Hallmark holiday — exchanging small tokens of affection, enjoying a quiet dinner together, sharing words of love and appreciation.

If you’re celebrating the day with your Valentine, skip the Whitman’s sampler and bouquet of (pesticide-full) roses for something a little more original and, of course, eco-conscious.

Adopt a penguin
These adorable and threatened flightless birds
are a symbol of fidelity; they’re known to mate for life. You can make a symbolic adoption through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and get one of these cute plush Emperor penguins for your sweetheart. ($50 tax-deductible donation)

Tell them they’re hot
Here’s another one from WWF: an organic cotton t-shirt that makes both a compliment and a statement. Telling your love that they’re “hotter than they should be” with this shirt helps WWF’s climate and conservation efforts. ($50 tax-deductible donation)

Bejewel them
Show off to your lady with this gorgeous recycled metal peacock cuff bracelet from Alkemie. Made in California. ($170 from eConscious Market)

Pick flowers that make a difference

Defenders of Wildlife Majestic Sunset Roses

Share the love with your Valentine and a worthy organization with Organic Style‘s charitable organic flowers. Choose your favorite org, including Defender’s of Wildlife, Co-op America, and Heifer International. (Starting at $44.95)

Tea for two
Mighty Leaf’s
Organic African Nectar
Tea is full of soothing anti-oxidants on account of the Rooibos (African Redbush) tea leaves and tropical fruits and blossoms. It’s a perfectly sweet way to wind down after a romantic dinner for two. (4 oz loose tea, $9.95)

Whisper “olive juice”
But then tell them how you really feel. If your lover is an olive lover, this organic olive sampler from VivaTerra will win them over. (small, $19)

Indulge them with organic chocolate
Chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac and has been shown to activate mood lifting agents in the brain. Well you’ve hit the chocolate happiness mother lode with this Organic Chocolate Decadencefrom VivaTerra. ($110 including root bowl)

Give a hoot!
Give your sweetie a good reason to write little love notes to you with this adorable notebook made of sustainably harvested birch wood and 100% recycled paper in the good ol’ USA. [$18 at ELSEWARES]

Acquire a unique antique

From Victorian Valentine Cards to Buddhist love amulets, you can find something unusual and one-of-a-kind at an antique shop or on eBay.

Got any other Valentine’s gift ideas? Give your two cents in the comments thread below.


2 Responses to “happy heart day gift ideas”

  1. Manifestation Says:

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  2. Susan Says:

    That looks great! Spacify offers wide range of Gifts For Him

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