my l.o.v.e. – day 1 afternoon

It’s the afternoon of my lovefast. (The what-it’s-all-about here.)

pm – Stiiillll sippin’ the beet juice. I want to milk it as long as I can!

12:25 pm – Just realized that my bladder has been requiring more relief than usual. This will be my third time to get up to pee since I got here (at ~9 am).

Someone in the office is eating what smells like brisket and it’s kind of making me sick.

12:54 pm – I’m going into a meeting and I’m not sure if I should take my next meal with me. If I wait I might turn into superhungrymonster. If I bring it, I need to be aware and eat it mindfully.

I’ve gone through a liter of water. Time for a refill.

2:03 pm – Back from the meeting. I brought course #4 with me – Chipotle Nappa Wrap (pecan, apricot, orange, tomato, date, chipotle, garlic, cilantro, ginger, sea salt, nama shoyu, red and green cabbage, red pepper, parsley, and nappa cabbage). It was the first thing I actually chewed on today (although the instructions say to chew your juices!). Spicy, sweet, nutty, earthy, crunchy. Ate it very slowly and it filled me very quickly. Took a break between rolls.

Feeling a little bit bubbly inside.

Craving something sweet. Trying not to be tempted by the dried apricots and dates sitting on my desk. I think I’m going to put them in someone else’s office.

2:27 pm – Getting a little cranky, especially when provoked.

Looking forward to #5, which I’ll eat in an hour.

Going to Bikram yoga tonight, a little nervous about feeling dizzy or lightheaded.

3:03 pm – All I can think about is eating the next course. I get a cup of hot water (not supposed to drink tea) thinking it might help.

I think there’s a thunderstorm abrewin’ in my gut.

3:39 pm – Sweet crunchy relief. Hello #5 beet salad! (beets, cucumber, tahini, dill, lemon juice) I find myself chewing a lot more than I normally would. Savoring the sensation, feeling the mandibular muscles at work. I have two more courses left and I’m saving them ’til after Bikram (class is at 6 pm, and I’m following the 2-hour rule). Looking forward to cozying up to #6 and #7 in the comfort of my home.

3:59 pm – Still crunching away. The food is very satisfying in the short term, but then a serious hunger sets in. Water is supposed to help curb that feeling.

I have a meeting in a bit and then I’m dashing out to yoga. Stay tuned for the evening installment around 8:30 pm…


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One Response to “my l.o.v.e. – day 1 afternoon”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cranky when provoked? You monster!

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