day 3 of the lovefast – some pondering

“Die fünf Sinne” (The five senses), Hans Makart (1840 – 1884)

It’s day 3 of the live organic vegan experience and I’m feeling fine, despite sleeping like crap last night. From now on, I’m going to skip the formalities and try not to bore you with the minute-by-minute report.

On my way to pick up today’s 7 goodies, I was thinking about the art of raw food. It really is a creative venture in food preparation. The ingredients are wholesome and beneficial, each raw, whole food is selected for both its nutritional benefits and its flavor. The food is vibrant and colorful, indicating that it is rich with nutrients. The combination of elements almost seems like alchemy. The napa chipotle wrap I had on Monday was spicy, savory, and delicious — you’d never know that it contained apricot, orange, and date. The falafels I ate yesterday really tasted like deep-fried falafel (without the grease) even though there was no cooking involved.

Eating is one of the only (if not the only) activities where you can experience all 5 senses. Sight: The color and patterns and topography are evident. They’re part of what make food appealing. Would a strawberry be as enticing if it were pale pink or white instead of juicy dark red? Scent: The aromas coming out of the kitchen are sometimes enough to get me salivating. Sound: The crunch of celery on the cutting board is one of my favorite sounds. Chewing makes its own music. Touch: The feeling of ice cream as it cools the mouth, coats the tongue, and slides down the throat. The creaminess of an avocado. Taste: Savory, sweet, pungent, spicy, sour. If it weren’t for flavor, would we enjoy eating? I know that if the food in this fast didn’t taste good, I probably wouldn’t be able to endure it.

It’s noontime and I’m feeling kinda tingly all over. I try to hold onto this feeling. It kind of feels like being in yoga nidra, the yogic sleep.

Just as I was marveling at the lack of heartburn I’ve been experiencing, I think the little devil showed itself. I’m hoping it passes as soon as I sip down some veggie juice.

The “veggie vibrance” tastes a little different today. It’s a little more muddled in color. I can’t pinpoint which vegetable tipped the balance. I think it’s carrot.

Still feeling the burn. I think last night’s chocolate mousse might be to blame. It probably doesn’t help that I ate it so late. I’m counting on some food to soothe the beast.

More lovefast musings in a bit…

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