another food film, part of BAMcinemaFEST

[image: BAM]

What’s On Your Plate?
Saturday, June 27 at 9pm
Outdoor screening in Fort Greene Park
Part of BAMcinemaFEST

Directed by Catherine Gund
With Sadie Hope-Gund, Safiyah Riddle
2009, 73min

You’ve read Omnivore’s Dilemma and Fast Food Nation and you try to buy local and organic produce at your neighborhood farmer’s market. But do you really know how what you’re eating ended up on your table? Through the eyes of two intelligent and inquisitive eleven-year-old girls from New York City, we follow the many paths, the conflicting economics, and the disparate decision makers who all play a part in what we eat. Ideal for families to watch together, the film presents a variety of perspectives on how food reaches our urban community and its associated challenges. Presented in conjunction with The Afro-Punk Festival, July 3—8.

Check out the film’s website here.

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