more great gifts

While I’m at it, I may as well tell you about some of the other gifts I appreciated getting for my birthday that I think would make great presents for your nearest and dearest this holiday season.

Treehouses of the World

by Pete Nelson, photos by Radek Kurzaj


The day before the package came from my mom, I was looking for some fun treehouse images to include on this here website. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to discover this beauty. Over 35 treehouses from around the world are featured inside, plus instructions on how to create your very own getaway in the trees from reclaimed materials. (If only it were printed sustainably, and not in China. Oh well, guess you can’t have everything.)

Leavings: Poems

by Wendell Berry


My friend Anne sent me this one, another pleasant surprise. Prolific writer, farmer, nature lover – just a few words to describe the man who wrote this, his latest collection of poems. (Again, wish this one was printed in a more ecological manner.)

The Rose of Jericho

Anastatica hierochuntica

I opened the gift box to reveal what at first looked like a dirty Weetabix. Nope, that’s a plant. And it’s not dead. Apparently this little creature is hard to kill. Hence it’s nickname “The Resurrection Plant.” Put it in water, et voila!, it comes to life. Pretty wicked.




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