classy classie does the can-can

This past weekend I attended the NYC Food & Climate Summit. I saw a lot of familiar faces, was graced with video messages from eco-ethica heroines Wangari Maathai and Vandana Shiva, as well as some other motivating food movers and shakers. But the highlight of the day was not talking about food waste policy, it was preserving food to reduce waste and extend the seasons. I signed up for the food preservation session not knowing who was leading it. When I opened up the program for the day’s events, I was excited to see Classie Parker’s name next to the session I was attending. Woohoo!

Want to know why Classie warrants this kind of response from me? Check out the following video and read the HuffPo post about canning with Classie from Lorna Sass, the Queen of Pressure Cooking.

Canning with Classie great way to spend the afternoon. I even volunteered and got to take home my own jar of pickled veggies that I made. I just have to resist opening them for another 30 days or so.

Watching Classie 'shake her foodie'

Watching Classie 'shake her foodie'

Martha Ma also led the session with her style of lacto-fermentation. My favorite quote from her: “Screw probiotics, go eat some pickles, man.” Learn about the benefits of lacto-fermenting foods here.

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