the gift of making & sharing

I love collecting new skills. Here’s my latest: soap making. I just finished taking a course in soap & lotion making at the Open Center with LaShonda Tyree, aka ‘The Soap Coach.’ Over 5 courses, LaShonda taught a class of about 30 the art of handcrafting lotion, bath products, cold-processed and melt & pour soap. The night of the melt & pour class I was so inspired that I tweeted a message asking if anyone wanted to join me in a soap-making party. I immediately got a response from Kate (The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking) and Adriana (What I Made for Dinner).

After a series of emails back & forth to figure out logistics – the party of 15 soapmakers was on.

What I most loved about the whole thing – aside from having a great time with friends new & old – is that one person (me) was able to share a simple skill with several others who will then go on to teach their friends and teach their friends and on and on. Plus we all made such diverse & creative soaps that we can share as gifts this holiday season.

To find out how it went down, check out Kate’s post.

For great tweets on creating, eating, and general merriment, follow Kate @hipgirls & Adriana @AdrianaV

And here are some of my own creations from the night:

A sheet of hibiscus-calendula-grapefruit soap

A sheet of hibiscus-calendula-grapefruit soap

Using a cookie cutter to cut out soaps

Using a cookie cutter to cut out soaps




8 Responses to “the gift of making & sharing”

  1. Adriana Says:

    Thanks for sharing your soap-making know-how with us. Those hibiscus-calendula grapefruit soaps are gorgeous!

  2. Kate Says:

    I’m so glad we did this; thanks for being our sudsy leader! We realized that little soaps make fab hostess gifts, too!

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  4. learnings for a new year Says:

    […] the gift of making & sharing […]

  5. La Shonda Tyree Says:

    I am so proud of you Liz! Look at you sharing your knowledge with others! I love it! Didn’t I tell you that soapmaking is contagious? I think I did leave that out of the class notes. 😉

    • Liz Says:

      Thanks, La Shonda! I owe it all to you. 😉
      Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of soap & lotion making. It was a wonderful learning experience!

  6. Handmade Soap Coach » Blog Features Melt & Pour Soap » Soap Fever Says:

    […] time I was doing a google search on my name and came across a blog post from one of my students, Liz Neves, who blogged about her recent learning experience and how after taking the melt and pour soapmaking […]

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