no wars & no cars: an evening with richard register

Is New York primed to become an ecocity? How do you imagine life in such a place? Richard Register has some ideas…


No wars and no cars: Ecocities according to Richard Register
A talk and discussion
Wednesday, March 31
@ The Commons
388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn
(btwn Hoyt & Bond)
Suggested exchange: $15
Get tickets

In an ecocity, residents live a good life while using minimal natural resources. Buildings make best use of sun, wind and rainfall. Natural habitat corridors foster biodiversity and give residents access to nature. Food and other goods are sourced from within the bioregion. Most residents walk or cycle to work, and take public transportation when they need to travel further. Car-sharing allows people to use a car only when needed. The labor-intensive economy maintains full employment and minimizes energy and water inputs. Goods are designed for reuse, remanufacture, and recycling; and production is designed to reuse by-products and minimize transport.

Ecocities will be exciting and rewarding places to live, communities that will foster humanity’s creative and compassionate evolution on a healthy Earth.

Richard Register believes we can build them and he thinks we already know how.

**Richard Register** is founder of Ecocity Builders and author of “Ecocities – Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature.” For more than thirty years he has been initiating local projects, pushing establishment buttons and working with environmentalists and developers. He travels incessantly and has circled the planet dozens of times speaking about ecological design, but it’s been a decade since Register visited New York.


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