worms are going to eat my garbage!

I’m very excited. Today, I got worms. Red wigglers. The kind that eat trash – food scraps to be exact. Now I won’t have to cart my compostables to the Union Square Farmers Market (a train ride away).

I’m a little concerned about the timing, since we’re heading to Milwaukee tomorrow to attend a Growing Power workshop. But I think I set it up so they’d be cozy enough until our return.

The worm condo

The future bedding

Worms need water, too

This isn't milk

It's full of worms who've been in there for 3 days!

All ready for the wormies!

My new pets

Worm food, aka frozen coffee grounds

I put in a few other little scraps of food for them. I hope they like their new home enough to not crawl out while we’re away!


One Response to “worms are going to eat my garbage!”

  1. Liz Says:

    Liz you could have come to our yard and borrowed a few…. We have some great big ones lurking around in Valley Stream!

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