UPDATE! ecological living workshop series

We’re offering this workshop again, mark your calendars! This time, the class includes 30 minutes of asana (yoga). See you there!

I’ll be leading a series of workshops starting in June that focus on ecological living skills, with the first one focused on creating a healthy home environment. Full details below, and on Facebook!


Thursday, June 10, 2010
7pm to 9pm
455 Grand Street #3, Brooklyn NY 11211

There is a connection between our choices, our health, and the well-being of everyone on the planet. You are an integral part of this interrelationship. This hands-on workshop series is designed to help you develop skills for living as a more active participant in a regenerative and abundant culture, and a little less as a consumer dependent on what are often destructive and exploitative means. There is also empowerment in making your own things, which has far-reaching psychological benefits, and a depletion that comes with consuming, which also has far-reaching effects. We’ll talk about that a little bit as well.

The series will be led by me and hosted by the most gracious and generous Julia Frodahl, of Deer Stop. Please follow the link below to read more about Julia. Also please note, it is not necessary to attend every workshop in the series. You can pick and choose from the ones that interest you and that work with your schedule.



Home is a sacred place, a place to feel at ease and secure, and a place to regenerate. Unfortunately, the air in our homes as well as our workplaces can be up to 10 times worse than the air outside (and our city has poor air to begin with – yikes!). But fret not! There are several simple solutions you can implement to improve the health of your home, as well as those who inhabit it.

In this interactive workshop, you will:
1. deepen your skills of observation and interact with “stuff” in a new way
2. recognize patterns in your routine that might contribute to an unhealthy home
3. learn about plants that filter out toxins in your home
4. make your own customized cleaning products
5. walk away with skills you can apply right away

We will provide you with all you need to create, but feel free to bring your favorite essential oils to enhance your cleaning products.

Light snacks will be served.


This workshop is $25 and requires registration. Please email julia@thisiswherethedeerstop.org to register. (An RSVP here of “attending” does not register you. Please RSVP here AND email Julia.) Also, please consider re-posting this event for your friends.

DEER STOP: http://www.thisiswherethedeerstop.org

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