hairy solutions to an oily problem

Post-cut sweep up

I decided a couple of weeks ago it was time to cut my hair. I usually just throw it up into a ponytail anyway, so what’s the point of keeping it long? I thought about just shaving it off, but I reconsidered. Then, as I was nearing a decision on making an appointment, a message was delivered to my inbox. It came from Manhattan User’s Guide: an amazing list of ways to help out with the gulf oil disaster. I had been wondering what I could do (aside from try to throw money at it, but that doesn’t directly clean up the sludge) and this great newsletter informed me about a group called Matter of Trust that uses hair to clean up oil spills. Sweet serendipity!

So I made an appointment and let my hairdresser know what I was up to. I asked if she could tell the managers of the salon about it. Well, she did. Turns out, they love the idea and are going to save all of the hair from the salon for the cause.

I can’t imagine anyone not jumping at the chance to help out in this way, especially with a readily available resource like hair. We’ve all got it. Even our pets (and yes, that hair/fur can be sent, too). So I’m going to go around to some other salons in the city telling them about this great solution that they can be a part of.

To see learn more and see how hair cleans up oil, check out this video:

I heard today that Hooters waitresses are going to donate their torn nylons to the cause as well. Hey, every bit counts!


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