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join me at downtown women’s club

September 29, 2010

Curious about what it takes to create a cleaner, greener, healthier home? This Thursday meet me at the Downtown Women’s Club monthly meetup to find out how you can make healthier choices at home that both improve your health and the health of the land.

We’ll talk about some of the most harmful household products many people harbor in their homes, as well as simple switches for a dramatic improvement in indoor air quality and health. Then feel free to grab a cocktail and mingle with me and members of the Downtown Women’s Club. Men are welcome, too!

Thursday, September 30

Linger Cafe & Lounge
533 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11217

reminder! diy natural beauty products

September 21, 2010

Come join me at my latest Deer Stop workshop this Thursday and learn to pamper yourself with homemade beauty supplies…


September 23 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Deer Stop
455 Grand Street, #3, Brooklyn, NY 11211

It’s healthier for you. It’s less expensive. It imposes fewer toxins on the environment. And it cuts out all those plastic and glass containers that you would otherwise buy every time you need more product.

Every day, the average man uses about 6 personal care products, and the average woman about 12. The majority of these products are full of synthetic, harmful chemicals. These chemicals are absorbed straight through the skin and inhaled into the lungs, entering the bloodstream and the organs. They also enter the water and soil, contaminating ecosystems on a mass scale. In this workshop, we’ll continue our process of being healthier towards ourselves and our environment, and in doing so, withdrawing from some of today’s more harmful industries. Come learn to make your own products using naturally sourced materials. It’s so easy, it’s inexpensive, and you’ll know exactly what you’re putting on your body.

We’ll make 3 luxurious personal care products that you’ll get to take home with you and use right away. We’ll also share several other beauty care product recipes that you can play with at home, and provide you with a list of the most natural, healthy product lines you can buy from if preferred.

REGISTRATION This workshop is $25 and requires registration. Please email to register.

Also, please consider re-posting this event for your friends.

Learn more about the lovely Julia Frodahl and her amazingly serene yoga studio DEER STOP:

tips on furnishing your home in a less toxic way

September 14, 2010

The following is a guest post from Caroline Smith, who has written for a number of blogs. Caroline tries to furnish her own home in a green and natural way, and runs a site that features a selection of eco-friendly bar stools.

For years, people have decorated their homes without knowing the consequences of using toxic materials. Since researchers have discovered that some danger exists in many common household products, furniture and fabrics, and even many of the groceries that are brought into the home, consumers are becoming more conscious of their purchases. By searching for the greenest options available, homeowners can limit their family’s exposure to toxic elements. While finding eco-friendly products is not an easy task, the following questions can help with the decision making process:

• Is the item to be purchased made from recyclable materials?

• What policies does the manufacturer have in place to promote environmental accountability?

• Are the stains and paints used on the product low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

• Do the fabrics have non-toxic finishes?

• Are the materials used gathered from a sustainable-source?

At first glance, it might seem impossible for one product to fit all of these qualifications, but this is not true. As consumers become more aware of living a less toxic lifestyle, greener, healthier products are becoming more widely available. For instance, bar stools are now available that have been made from recycled aluminum soft drink cans. These bar stools, manufactured by Emeco, are guaranteed to last a lifetime and boast that they may last as long as one hundred and fifty years. By purchasing products like this, consumers can prevent tons of debris from overloading the landfills. These eco-friendly bar stools are a great recycling project, but for people who still prefer wood furniture, there are other great options.

When buying wooden items, consumers should first check to see if any fabrics, stains and finishes have a low emission of gases. Then, they should determine if the wood comes from an environmentally managed forest. This is easily done by looking for a sticker containing the logo of the Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC.

To prevent VOCs from entering the home and reducing the air quality when new furniture is brought into the house, consider these tips:

• Purchase furnishings that are made from organic wool, cotton, or hemp.

• Make sure the padding is natural rubber foam or recycled polyfill

• Only buy furniture with finishes that are guaranteed to be formaldehyde free.

• Ascertain that water-based glue has been used to secure joints.

People exposed to indoor air contamination may not experience immediate health issues, but the toxic gasses emitted by new furniture can have long-term effects for the whole family. These can range from lung damage to a weakened immune system. Some studies have even found a negative effect on the reproductive system and brain cells. This is the reason that everyone remodeling or redecorating a home should be concerned with choosing the least toxic materials available.

farm city, here i come!

September 9, 2010

I’m super excited to be participating in the Farm City Fair this Sunday (9.12), part of the larger 2-week-long Farm City event. I’ll be leading a worm composting demo and tabling all day alongside the NYC Compost Project in Brooklyn. If you come to the event you’ll also get a chance to learn some other great DIY skills from some of my favorite people, like:

  • Foraging with Leda Meredith (Leda’s Urban Homestead)
  • Pickling with Kate Payne (Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking)
  • Honey Extraction with Meg Paska (Brooklyn Honey)
  • Sausage Making with Tricia Okin (BK Tactical Meet Labs)
  • and much more!

(Thanks to Adriana Velez & BFC for making it possible!)

Full details on the day’s events below:

The Fair is a wild new take on the traditional County Fair.

Join us for a day-long celebration of art and food grown in Brooklyn!

The Fair aims to collapse the boundaries between consumer and producer, reducing disconnect between city dwellers and sources of our food stuffs.

Festivities engage all the senses:

Featured artists premiering new works include:

Featured Chefs putting Brooklyn into the local diet include:

  • Sean Rembold, Marlow & Sons;
  • George Weld, Egg; and
  • Chris “Ted” Jackson, Ted & Honey;
  • Tom Mylan, Famed Butcher from The Meat Hook

Sunday, September 12, 2010
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Invisible Dog Art Center

51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn 11201

(Except for The Food Experiments, where you can also have some fine libations courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery)