announcing my new body care & cleaning CSA

I’m very excited to tell you about something I’ve got cooking. It’s a CSA – community supported agriculture – but it’s not for food. It’s for my natural body care and cleaning solutions. I’d like to think of it more as a CSB or Community Supported Botanicals program. This is how it works:

1. You sign up to be a member of the CSB

2. Each month, you’ll pick up a whole new batch of body care and/or cleaning solutions (made with the best organic botanical ingredients available) from a conveniently located pick-up point (in Brooklyn or Manhattan)

Benefits of membership

  • Every month you’ll get a fresh batch of organic botanical products with ingredients you can recognize (no artificial fragrances or preservatives)
  • You’ll also get free bonus samples of new products I’m working on, and other free goodies
  • At the time of pick-up, I’ll be available for free tutorials and advice on how to get the most use out of the items in your share
  • Discounts on my private healthy home consultations

Right now I’m recruiting members and asking for some initial input, mostly on the most convenient pick-up locations and times and which products they’d most like to see in the share. In the 3-month beta version of this CSB, members will also provide valuable feedback so that I can shape the program to best suit their needs.

Interested in joining? Contact me via email liz (at) raganella (dot) com and I’ll send you an application form.



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