happy generosity day!

[Image from: Living Generously]

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Be honest. You hate it, right? Either you feel obligated to go out on a date and/or buy chocolates & flowers for your sweetheart or you feel like a loser if you don’t have anyone to smooch on this lovey-dovey holiday.

Well, this brilliant guy named Sasha came up with a way to turn V-day on its head (in a good way). He’s recoined it “Generosity Day.” Wow, how’s that for a load off? It makes the day so much more meaningful by allowing everyone to participate. Forget about the candy hearts, how about really giving your heart to someone who could use it? (okay, I don’t mean a heart transplant or anything, though donating your organs isn’t a bad idea). Instead of having one special Valentine, any person you meet can be the lucky recipient of your love. No one is left out. Help an old lady across the street. Heck, help any man or lady or child across the street. Smile and wave to neighbors you don’t know – after all, isn’t that what a stranger is? – as they pass.

Generosity Day could include acts such as:

— Giving the hard-working delivery guy a 50% tip
— Helping a stranger lift a heavy package up the subway steps
— Keeping your cool if you get splashed with mucky street water by a passing car (a generous gift to both you and the offender)

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re into the social media thing, the twitter hashtag is #generosityday and the facebook page is www.facebook.com/generosityday.

Here’s how I’m celebrating:

— I gave to 3 local projects via ioby and 1 project in Kenya via Global Giving

I’m giving away one free healthy home consultation session ($325 value!) to one lucky person who “likes” the Raganella facebook page. The winner will be chosen at random after midnight tonight (12:00AM ET 2/15/11). This is limited to folks who live in NYC, unless you’d like a consultation via skype (hey, I’m open to it if you are). All you’ve got to do is like the fan page. Good luck!


How will you celebrate Generosity Day?


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