grilled cheese & pickle party, plus…

This coming Monday, come get your fill of grilled cheese, pickles & beer accompanied by the sounds of a live bluegrass band. I’ll be there selling my Raganella’s Botanical Solutions goods, including my new summer soothers & savers line of sunscreen, bug spray & salves.

Full details:

Grilled Cheese & Pickle Party!

(the first event in the emerging Homemade Fair series)

Jimmy’s No. 43 Restaurant
43 E 7th St NY, NY 10003
Monday, June 20

Guest Chefs: Corey Cova (Earl’s Beer and Cheese), Morris Grilled Cheese

Pickles: Sour Puss Pickles, The Pickle Guys, Divine Brine, Millport Dairy

Cheese: Coach Farms, Saxelby Cheesemongers, Millport Dairy, Ardith Mae

Bread: Hot Bread Kitchen, Bread Alone, Buon Pane

Featured Beer: Barrier Brewing Selection – Barrier Slightly Sour Ale and Barrier Belgian Ale

Live Bluegrass Music: The 2nd Avenue Mountain Boys

Featured vendor: Raganella’s Botanical Solutions (that’s me!)

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2 Responses to “grilled cheese & pickle party, plus…”

  1. Kim W Says:

    What is the cover to attend this event?

    • Liz Says:

      No cover, just come on over!

      The organizer says “That’s right no cover! Free food and beer for sale… support raganella and sour puss pickles by buying their products!”

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