update! biscuits, beer & crafts

{Mmmm, buttery biscuits. via food. people. want.}

UPDATE: This event now starts an hour later – 2 pm – making it more of a lunch than a brunch. It’ll still be great!

Jimmy’s No. 43 is at it again! Pairing delicious food & tasty suds with local handmade artisan goods. It’s the Back-to-school Biscuit & Beer Brunch and it’s happening next Saturday, September 17th. I’ll be there selling body care goods, cleaning solutions & herbal remedies at The Homemade Market. Come on out for a bite & peruse the little handmade market while you’re there. Details…

The Homemade Fare: Market & Brunch

Jimmy’s No. 43 Restaurant

43 E 7th St, Ny, Ny 10003


Back to School Biscuit & Beer Brunch

September 17th, 2011

1pm-5pm 2pm-5pm

Jimmys No. 43 is launching a brunch menu on Sept 17th, 2011 and we are coupling the local-fare focused brunch menu with a Homemade Market that promotes locally made products and small-scale business men and women by providing a vibrant market place to sell their locally made food items, handicrafts, cosmetics, body care, home care, and art!

Our Next Homemade Fare is a “Back to School Biscuit & Beer Brunch!” Participants:

SchoolHouse Kitchen – spreadable fruits & chutneys

Sour Puss Pickles

NYC Hot Sauce Co.

Raganella – all natural, plant-based body care & cleaning solutions

Emily Hanhan’s Bacon Jam

Among our featured events for The Homemade Fare: Market & Brunch, we have coordinated a Grilled Cheese and Pickle Party and an Ice Cream and Beer Social. We plan to coordinate a Cider and Apple Celebration, Pumpkin and Squash Costume Party, Thanksgiving Brunch + Market, and a Holiday Hoedown.

Grilled Cheese and Pickle Party: http://m.thelmagazine.com/TheMeasure/archives/2011/06/22/pickles-galore-at-jimmys-no-43-in-the-east-village

Ice Cream and Beer Social: http://www.theexperimentalgourmand.com/2011/07/26/jimmys-no-43-ice-cream-beer-social/

Read the buzz from previous Jimmy’s events:













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