last minute giving

Got a few extra bucks to spare? Feeling generous? Want to write off some donations for tax purposes? Whatever your reason for year-end giving, here are some of my favorite groups who could use some support…

High School for Public Service Youth Farm (c/o BK Farmyards and Green Guerillas)

I can’t think of a better way to invest in the future than this. Providing high school kids with hands-on education, like skills to grow produce for market. Empowering, creative, productive – one activity that includes so many lessons (math, marketing, planning, nutrition, etc).

Just Food

Everyone deserves healthful, nourishing food and Just Food works to ensure that New Yorkers get just that. Through outreach, education, and community supported agriculture, this awesome org helps to ensure that everyone has access to local, fresh, affordable produce.

Food & Water Watch

The government sure isn’t protecting our food and water from contaminants, industrialization, homogenization (quite the opposite in fact). Food & Water Watch fights for food and water rights, like putting a stop to hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. And from now until Saturday, they’re matching every donation, dollar for dollar.


The Hudson River sure has cleared up since the Clean Water Act was put into effect. Unfortunately, it is still not being enforced, as the river continues to be polluted by storm run-off, combined-sewer-overflow (CSO), and residual industrial contaminants. Riverkeeperregularly tests and reports on the quality of the Hudson River, as well as supports policies to keep our watershed clean and safe.

YES! Magazine

This here is one of my most favorite publications. Looking for inspiration? A shift from the normal “bad” news that circulates on TV and in newspapers? Ad-free, corporate-interest-free feel-good stories? YES! is your friend. Show them some love!


Mountains serve as a vital source of fresh water, wildlife habitat, recreation, and so much more. So why are we letting big corporations completely level these life-giving places for dirty-burning coal? iLoveMountains aims to put an end to this disgusting community- and ecology-killing practice.



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