more last minute giving

Based on friends’ suggestions and some last minute requests from orgs I support, here are a few more choice picks for year-end donations. You’ve got just under 12 hours left to give! (Unless you live in another time zone, of course.)

Ample Harvest

This org was brought to my attention by the founder of AgainBags (who also happens to be my cousin). According to Ample Harvest, “an estimated 100 billion pounds of food, enough to totally eliminate hunger, is thrown away annually in the United States.” But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ample Harvest helps distribute the abundance of home gardeners with extra produce, linking them with food pantries so that families across the country can have access to fresh, healthful food.

Brooklyn Greenway Intitiave (BGI)

Wouldn’t it be nice if more city folk felt safe enough to ride their bikes everywhere? In a borough where the public transit system does not connect many neighborhoods, BGI aims to create a waterfront bike path that will do just that. They’ve already made great strides in providing 4 miles of bike lanes in Red Hook and Williamsburg. You can help them realize the other 10 miles.

Center for Environmental Health (CEH)

BPA and lead in children’s toys, pesticides in food, water & soil, indoor air pollutants – these are just some of the issues that CEH tackles through outreach, policy action, and public education.

Center for Biological Diversity

We are facing the Sixth Great Extinction, and unlike past great extinctions, this one is human driven. The Center for Biological Diversity is set on protecting the species most at risk by safe-guarding habitat and the vital resources we all depend on – clean air, water, and soil.


What is the positive flipside of NIMBYism? In Our BackYards (ioby). This awesome org kicks community projects in the NY metro area into high gear, linking people who want to better their neighborhood with the means to do so. Want to turn an empty lot into a thriving garden? How about teaching your community about the benefits of composting? With ioby, it’s possible.

Trees NY

Did you know there is a program in NYC that teaches everyday folks how to prune and care for street trees? A couple of years ago, I participated in this program to become a Citizen Pruner, thanks to Trees NY. Life is tough for street trees, and this org also helps to protect them from damage, like being girdled by overprotective tree guards.




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