happy new year! (and 2012 intentions)

{let’s show some love for 2012!}

It’s kinda funny, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that it’s now 2012. 2011 is over. And though a part of my brain is feeling whirled by this realization, the rest of me is ready for this new beginning. I’ve reflected on the happenings of the last year and now it’s time for visioning.

Many people poo-poo the idea of making resolutions, and have come up with cute euphemisms that carry similar meaning. I’ve been using the word “intentions” (which according to the thesaurus, is a direct synonym of “resolution”). Perhaps there is more of a bullishness with resolving rather than intending. Resolve is definite; intent is potential and flexible. Breaking resolutions can leave a feeling of guilt or failure. Missing an intention is more forgiving, as intentions aim at a goal – they aren’t set in stone.

Whatever you like to call it, setting goals just feels natural during the darker, inward-reflecting days of winter. So here are some of the directional shifts I’d like to take in 2012.

1. approach the unknown with curiosity.

A subtle twist on the phrase in the image above (via improvised life via imaginary foundation). “The unknown” is vast territory. Precisely what can make it feel so scary. And this fear of the unknown, or rather, the reaction to the fear, can be detrimental. The fear reaction creates mental blocks, physical and emotional pain, and renders opportunities unrecognizable. Instead of feeling all angsty or speculative about emerging situations, I plan on observing with a loving, curious, beginner’s mind as events unfold. I want to dance with the unknown.

“You know that you know nothing. Find out that knowledge. That is liberation.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

2. more self-care
Mainly, this is about listening to my body. This can be as simple as: Am I tired? Sleep. (This is the perfect time of year to abide by this bodily request!) Am I thirsty? Drink water. Or it can be a bit more nuanced: Am I anxious? Sit in meditation or drink a lavender infusion. Listen to soothing music. Breathe.

Other self-care rituals I will incorporate:

Monthly – massage, a visit to the Russian baths

Weekly – Pilates, Yoga, African Dance, Belly Dance

Daily – meditation, foot massage (with my peppy-mint foot cream!), herbal infusions, skin brushing, drawing, writing, Tai Chi

3. simplify, and keep it simple

It seems the self-improvement genre is awash in “decluttering” guides and “101 ways to simplify your life.” But how do you declutter and keep it that way? I’ve found it fairly easy to find new homes for things that take up space or collect dust. What I want to do is keep new stuff from finding its way into our home. This is a biggie that I want to keep track of this year. The one difficulty in this for me is that I make products. There are always shipments of ingredients and packaging arriving at our doorstep. Always boxes to unpack and recycle. And lots of stuff to store. I aim to be more efficient with the management of this stuff, too.

4. more face time, less facebook

I hate to admit it, but I love facebook. It’s a fun way to interact with friends, share ideas or what I’m up to, perhaps be a little voyeuristic. But it’s become my landing page, in a compulsive-habitual way that I don’t feel good about. I’ve gone on digital detoxes before, but I always come back to facebook – with a vengeance. My goal here is to make more time to see my friends’ actual faces, to be in their  living-breathing presence, rather than sit all day at the computer staring at their avatars. Friends, please hold me to this one!

These are just some of the ways I’d like to make my year more meaningful. What do you have planned for 2012?


3 Responses to “happy new year! (and 2012 intentions)”

  1. Melissa Danielle Says:

    I plan resolutions around my personal calendar (my birthday), so technically, I’ve got two and a half months to get into gear. 🙂

    I’m with you on all four counts.

    Less fear, more primary food, simplifying my life, and hanging out with folks in real life.


  2. Liz Says:

    Awesome. Let’s make a plan to see each other’s real-life face!
    Salute, Melissa!

  3. claudz Says:

    I plan to follow this blog!
    And to be kind to my skin 🙂

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