in case you’re wondering where i am…

I am super grateful for my friend Liza “Mosquito” de Guia (aka, “Skeeter”) of Food.Curated for making this video. It has brought me bundles of sweet new customers. I’ve been getting nothing but positive feedback from those of you who are interested in Vivid Visions smoke blend and our many other botanical products. I’ve been reading amazingly supportive and loving comments and posts from friends. (Okay, and a few snarky ones on HuffPo, but I’m trying not to take those too seriously!) Thank you, everyone!!! (Even you snarky-pusses, at least you took the time to watch the video, or at least to comment on it.)

We (meaning mostly me, and my loving partner when he comes home from his day job) are working tirelessly to create and deliver all of the products that have been ordered so that we may continue to fulfill orders. Many of you have been inquiring about when Vivid Visions will be available again. Our best guess is early next week – by then we hope to have our heads above the water. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. I am humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response.

And in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I present to you the aforementioned video…



5 Responses to “in case you’re wondering where i am…”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Oh, Liza. What a wonderful video! You did SUCH a great job of capturing Liz’s sincerity, sweetness and grace. I teared up a couple of times. Bravo to you and to her. BK women really do rock the hell out.

  2. dom Says:

    My first thought was, “How am I going to get this when I’m not even on the same continent as you?” Keep up the great work and I hope one day I’ll be able to try this.

  3. Tom jorgenson Says:

    Can we Pre-Order Vivid Visions? Place our order and you fill it when you can? That way, we don’t have to chase the website or blog, and you have a good idea of supplies you need. You could go for a ‘ship within 30-days’ thing.

    • Liz Says:

      Hi Tom, We’re working on having a more steady supply. The issue in acquiring enough herb to meet demand is not in knowing how many people want it, it’s that the herbs in the blend are in short supply at this time of year. Whether one pre-orders or not won’t change that situation. But thank you for offering a solution!

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