new etsy policies & vivid visions

Hello my friends. Effective today, August 8, 2012, Etsy has changed their policies to disallow smokable herbs. In addition, herbalist sellers can also no longer make any claims about the healing benefits of the herbal remedies they create (with or without an FDA disclaimer). Take heart, Vivid Visions will still be for sale. It’s still the same product you know and love, but it will no longer have the word “smokable” in the title or description. Also, all of my herbal teas and extracts will have no claims as to their healing benefits (benefits that, in many cases, have been known by humans for millennia). Please feel free to ask me questions about these goods via email or Etsy messages.

Thanks for your understanding!


5 Responses to “new etsy policies & vivid visions”

  1. Larry Johnson Says:

    Good work !. Dont let the man get you down..

    Do you have anything for sinus infection? I have had an infection for over 5 years….Sinus surgery, and half of the year i have been on antibiotics, with no benefit. Looking for something outside of western civilized medicine?

    I saw your stuff when i did a search for Liza de guia, i went to high school with her in Venice Florida….

    Larry Johnson
    Niceville, Florida

    • Liz Says:

      Hi Larry,

      Send me a direct email and I may be able to help. liz (at) raganella (dot) com.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      Be well,


  2. Larry Johnson Says:

    Liz, thanks…..

    Also, do you have tumeric?


  3. Liz Says:

    I do have some turmeric tincture! Great for sinuses and allergies. I’ll put up a listing for you on Etsy if you’d like.

  4. Larry Johnson Says:


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