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happy new year intentions

January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

I’m often awake in the wee hours these days, tending to my babe. During this time I’m often thinking deeply about what kind of world he is inheriting – and what my role is in making sure it’s a healthy world for him and all children.

One early morning at around 5am, the saying popped into my head that will be my mantra for 2013:
If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

This rolled around in my head quite a bit as I thought about all of the ways I could live it this year. What are the problems we face today? Violence, oppression, pollution (air, water, soil), apathy, dis-ease (most often tied to the aforementioned problems) and more. So in no particular order, here is what came to me as some possible ways to “live the solution”:

1. Be a living example of peace
2. Say no to plastic in all forms (polyester, polyethylene, etc.) – a post on this coming soon
3. Eat more veggies – organically and locally grown
4. Support more local artisans who create handmade goods on a small scale
5. More facetime and less facebook (and other social media)
6. Go minimalist
7. Live more in awe and wonder of every moment
8. Carry no attachment to expectations

My goal is to spend less time online with fast & easy answers and make more room for spontaneous living. And to focus more on my little guy rather than my smartphone.

Along this vein, I’m also going to close up my Etsy shop for a while so that I’m not tied to the computer and post office. Some of my goods will be available locally at Owl & Thistle in Crown Heights and The One Well in Greenpoint. The occasional bulk order is welcome, too.

I’m looking forward to how my days will take shape. If I have a chance I’ll write a bit about this shift… but more than likely this blog will be quiet for a bit.

May your intentions for the new year be of benefit!