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my l.o.v.e. – day 2 morning/afternoon

April 7, 2009

It’s day 2 of the, woohoo!

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8:00 am – Start the day with fresh squeezed lemon and water. No adverse effects of note. Slept better last night, but still not great.

8:30 am – On the 2 train and feeling sleepy. Looking forward to dropping off the bottles from the day before and picking up my sustenance for the day. Another 7 meals waiting to be consumed.

Two things I appreciate about this journey. One: everything is prepared for me. Two: The vessels carrying the liquid and food for this week are either reusable (there’s a $2 deposit on every bottle) or compostable (the plastic containers for food items say “compostable” on the bottom) – plus they’re doled out in a reusable bag. I consider taking the plastic containers to a community garden for compost to see how long they take to break down. In a landfill, it would probably take years, but I guess it’s a little better than regular plastic.

Breakfast is served.

9:36 am – After downing my energy elixir (and forgetting to photograph it) I start course #2, orange/grapefruit juice. I’m a little nervous about it because when I drink citrus before eating in the morning I usually get heartburn.

10:20 am – No heartburn and no hunger, I’m a little tired, but feeling good.

10:51 am – A little pang of hunger that’s quelled by water.

11:20 am – Not really hungry. Not supposed to have #3 ’til after noon.

11:42 am – Getting hungry. Head hangs heavy as I read about insomnia for a copywriting assignment. Definitely not helping.

11:59 am – Sssoo huunngryy. Time for Veggie Vibrance!

Liquid lunch (sans booze, though this would make
a great Bloody Mary)

12:04 pm – Sip, sip. Mmm Mmm good.

12:17 pm – Burps taste like this morning’s energy elixir, which tastes like matcha green tea.

12:28 pm – I just got a craving for cheezy poofs. Fantasizing about Barbara’s Bakery baked cheese puffs.

1:24 pm – GGggrrrrr goes the stomach and the brain. This too, shall pass (I was told to repeat this to myself throughout the day by the folks at Organic Avenue).

1:31 pm – Whoa woozy! I think it’s time to eat.

Sunflower falafel. They taste better than they look in this shot.

1:47 pm – I want to pop these little falafel in my mouth and swallow them whole! They’re dry, crunchy, and crumbly – and I don’t want to waste one crumb. Tasty! Just like falafel. Though the initial touch to the tongue is reminiscent of coffee. This is what’s in ’em: sunflower seeds, almonds, garlic, sea salt, scallions, yellow onion, tahini, parsley, lemon olive oil, coriander, cumin, paprika, cayenne, shallot, black pepper, water, nama shoyu, scallions, parsley, red & green cabbage, red bell pepper. I think that might include the dipping sauce, which I’m tempted to eat on its own.

2:00 pm – After two falafels, the craziness is subsiding. I’m amazed at my reactions to hunger, and try to be really mindful of them.

So far today, I’ve had a hard time focusing. And the irritability thing has popped up, too. I put my greatest intention into not lashing out on people like a rabid dog. I find it less of a challenge to separate my hunger emotions from my response to others when I observe my feelings and let them pass.

2:30 pm – It’s that time of the day when I’m craving something sweet. I know my friend has a boxful of chocolate in her office that she brought back from Paris, but I must resist, even if it is calling to me in French.

3:04 pm – Having some hot water to curb the cravings.

3:14 pm – Getting sleeeeppyyy… zzzzzZZZZZ

3:46 pm – One of my biggest pet peeves is when people where too much cologne (or perfume or scented lotion). Makes me sick! Especially now.
4:01 pm – Someone sitting near me is talking about food – all animal products. Chicken, potato salad, turkey meatloaf, cheese, salami, crab cakes. It’s maddening! I imagine myself sitting at a big banquet table, like Audrey in National Lampoon’s European Vacation, stuffing my face until I blow up like a balloon. I guess that’s not very appealing.

4:22 pm – I’m letting my edamame salad warm to room temperature. I can think of nothing else but eating it.

4:31 pm – Mmmm… tastes like potato salad.

5:03 pm – Heading out for a Street Tree Bed Gardening workshop at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. More of the lovefast later!