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A list of rates and packages is available upon request.


make-it-yourself parties

Want to learn how to make your own cleaning or body care products? I can show you how. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose whether you want to make cleaning products or body care products.

2. Invite some friends over.

3. I’ll provide everything you need to create. Everyone walks away with 3 customized products, plus additional recipes and info on where to find ingredients. All that for only $35 per person. Book both a cleaning and body care party and your fee (as the host) for one of the parties is free.

To book your make-it-yourself party:


gift certificates


Know someone whose home may be making them cough, sneeze, itch, or twitch?

Give them the gift of a healthy detoxified home.

Get your loved one a Raganella gift certificate to
show them you care about the air they breathe!

Certificates are available in $30, $50, $100, $200, and $300 increments
and can be used toward the value of a home detox session or make-it-yourself party.

All sessions include a detailed report including personal recommendations for
product switches, lifestyle changes, and natural health service providers.

Choose one of the following gift values. Please provide in the paypal comments the name of the gift recipient and the email address you’d like the certificate to be sent to. You will receive a  confirmation email and a PDF certificate will be emailed to you or the recipient.

Choose gift value…
Option 1 $30.00 Option 2 $50.00 Option 3 $100.00 Option 4 $200.00 Option 5 $300.00


If you have any questions, email