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new workshop: how to reduce petroleum use

June 26, 2010

Petroleum has made our lives incredibly convenient and comfortable, but at what cost? At no time has the evidence been more immediate to Americans that our hunger for oil has catastrophic consequences.

Join me and Julia Frodahl of Deer Stop Yoga in a discussion about how we can move beyond fossil fuels to discover a fulfilling and regenerative way of life. Ninety minutes of workshop time will be followed by 30 minutes of asana.

ECOLOGICAL LIVING WORKSHOP #2: How to Reduce Your Use of Petroleum
Thursday, July 15, 2010
7:00pm – 9:00pm
@ Deer Stop
455 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY


This workshop is $25 and requires registration. Please email to register. Also, please consider re-posting this event for your friends. (Visit our facebook page)


“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world” ~John Muir


the story of cap & trade

December 9, 2009

Remember that great video about the history of our consumer culture called the Story of Stuff? (See sidebar for link.) Annie Leonard has a knack for simplifying complex and controversial topics for people like me, whose eyes can sometimes glaze over at the vast amount of information that exists regarding climate science and other environmental issues.

Well, Annie’s done it again. This time she’s talking about cap & trade. It’s a seemingly sensible solution to the carbon emission problem. But like many seemingly sensible solutions, the devil is in the details. According to Annie, the way cap & trade is structured, it ignores the triple bottom line of ethical treatment of people, ecological stewardship, and fairly created wealth. Instead, cap & trade supports business as usual (remember Enron? Goldman Sachs? These are the guys designing the cap & trade scheme!).

But just like any controversial topic, there are many opinions about the validity and focus of this video. Here’s another take from David Roberts of Grist (via Kate Sheppard at Mother Jones).

Check out the video (below is a teaser) and let me know what you think.

save coal river mountain

November 5, 2009

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the destructive practices of mountaintop removal coal mining are not just devastating the ecology of the Appalachian mountains, they’re destroying the health and livelihood of the Appalachian community. Please take action to end this filthy, immoral practice:

Today, organizations across the nation are joining forces with to send a powerful message to the Obama Administration that blasting on America’s Most Endangered Mountain-Coal River Mountain- needs to stop now. This could be the largest day of action on mountaintop removal ever, and we need your help to make history.

Use the form to send your message now.

Coal River Mountain is the last remaining mountain untouched by mountaintop removal in the Coal River Valley of southern West Virginia- but Massey Energy wants to turn it into a 6,600-acre mountaintop removal wasteland. Local residents have a different vision for Coal River Mountain – a wind farm that could provide 70,000 households with clean energy, sustainable jobs and a symbol of hope for new industry in the Appalachian coalfields.

The fate of Coal River Mountain is still uncertain, but its implications for our energy future are clear. Will we continue down the path of destroying our nation’s oldest mountains for a few years worth of coal, or seize the opportunity to produce clean wind power and generate green jobs and a new energy economy?

Please send your message now.

how can we improve the air quality of our cities?

September 28, 2009

Find out on my new post on!

big cities: exhausting and exhilarating

In the big city, on any given day, anything seems possible. Millions of thinkers, dreamers, and doers exchange ideas, creative sparks, and currency. There are plenty of reasons to be a city dweller – more jobs, much inspiration, more opportunities to help people who need it. But there’s one big drawback to city dwelling, especially New York City dwelling: dismally poor air quality.

Some might argue we just can’t help it. In a city of millions where almost all of our goods are trucked in and 12,000 tons of residential trash is trucked out every day, how could we fight the beast of diesel exhaust? When coal-burning power plants in the MidWest are emitting mercury and other harmful pollutants that drift our way with the air currents, what are we supposed to do to stop that?

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a feel-good film about fuel

September 18, 2009

Fuel, it’s a star-studded little eco-documentary that won some awards at Sundance last year. The title is pretty self-explanatory, as is the trailer. Woody Harrelson, Larry David, Sheryl Crow, Neil Young, and of course Willie Nelson (the face of BioWillie) all grace the screen. Check it out:

Although it was released last year, it looks like it’s getting another chance on the big screen. Fuel is playing at AMC Theater Time Square, starting tonight. Get your tickets here.

Visit the film’s official site.

the digital diet: an experiment

July 31, 2009

When I go on vacation, I don’t check emails, I don’t go online, I barely even answer the phone. On these tech-free holidays I am able to focus, enjoy myself, relax. So I’m going to try a little experiment next week. From Monday to Friday I will not be posting anything. I will not check email. I will not go on Facebook or Twitter.

I love the computer and the internet and the way it connects people in new and interesting ways. But I want to see what it’s like to go through my regular day at home, and while working, completely disconnected from the digital realm.

I will read more. Write by hand more. Interact with people more. Breathe more.

If I need information I will ask someone for it instead of Googling it (what a concept!).

What will my days look like? Stay tuned, for the week after next (week of the 10th) I will report back about the experience… or will I? 🙂

Love you all and see you on the 10th…

grow your knowledge in an east village garden

July 23, 2009

Come learn about the latest in sustainable design in a quaint little garden in the East Village. Brought to you by the New York Restoration Project.

Series on Sustainable Design in East Village Garden!
Toyota Children’s Learning Garden
603 E 11th St between avenues B & C

Join us in the Toyota Children’s Learning Garden for a 4 part discussion series highlighting techniques to green our limited urban space. Whether you’re working in a garden, apartment, business, or home, come and learn from New York City’s leaders in sustainable design.

The discussions and workshops will take place every other Thursday, July 30th-September 24th, in the garden from 7:00-8:00pm. We will also highlight the area’s environmentally conscious restaurants and businesses at the presentations. Following the discussions we invite everyone to join us for hors d’oeuvre and giveaways in the garden generously donated by Sustainable NYC, Angelica’s Kitchen, Quintessence, Hummus Place, Spino, and more.

July 30, 2009: Sarah Siegel, of Michael Van Valkenburg Associates: designer of the Toyota Children’s Learning Garden. She will give a short garden tour and speak about urban garden design, specifically the shad tolerant planting palette and sustainable technologies in this garden.

August 13, 2009: Chris Collins, Executive Director Solar1, will discuss benefits of renewable energy, the work of Solar1, and how to feasibly incorporate such technologies in your everyday life.

August 27, 2009: GreenItYourself Green Roof Workshop: Lori Gibbs and Atom Cianfarani, believe that living a healthy and environmentally responsible lifestyle should be accessible to everyone! They will teach about green roofing and prove tips and techniques for gardening in small spaces.

September 10, 2009: Marni Horowitz, CEO and founder Alive Structures, will speak about green wall installation and other techniques to make sue of our abundantly available vertical space. She will also discuss ecological gardening practices which mimic natural ecosystems that increase abundance, beauty, and biodiversity.

Space is limited, to RSVP and for more information about New York Restoration Project please contact Rachael Brody, 212-333-2552 or

100 coal plants defeated

July 9, 2009

It’s quite a battle — fighting to end the use of coal as our main source of energy in this country. But Sierra Club just marked the milestone of 100 coal plants defeated or abandoned. Congrats to Sierra Club and the USA for reaching this goal. Of course, there’s still more work to be done.

Want to help shift the country from coal? Switch to renewable energy!

In New York
Elsewhere in the States

rally to stop coal plant financing

May 15, 2009

Join Dozens of activists with the Sierra Club, Rainforest Action Network, and New York Public Interest Research Group this coming Tuesday – May 19 – to rally against the financing of dirty coal by JPMorgan Chase. Be sure to bring your banners, signs, and voice to let CEO Jamie Dimon and other JPMorgan Chase shareholders know you won’t stand for dirty coal plants and mountaintop removal coal mining. Full details below:

Groups to Rally at JPMorgan Chase Shareholder Meeting on May 19th
New Yorkers Ask CEO Jamie Dimon to Stop Financing Coal Plants

WHEN: May 19th,
Rally, 9:30 am – 10:30 am
JPMorgan Chase Shareholder Meeting – 10 am

WHERE: One Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York, NY [map]

WHAT: Rally outside the JPMorgan Chase annual shareholder meeting, questioning Jamie Dimon, one of the leading financiers of coal plants and mountaintop removal coal mining. Despite Mr. Dimon’s rhetoric on the need for clean energy and strong environmental policies, JPMorgan Chase continues to underwrite Massey Energy, one of the biggest and most heavily criticized mountaintop removal coal mining companies in the country. JP Morgan Chase also continues to fund expensive and highly polluting coal plants throughout the United States, including the proposed AMP-Ohio coal plant, one of the most financially risky coal proposals in the country.

WHO: Dozens of activists with the Sierra Club, Rainforest Action Network, and New York Public Interest Research Group.
– Sandy Buchanan, Executive Director of Ohio Citizen Action,
– Larry Gibson, President of Keeper of the Mountains Foundation
– Dana Clark, Director of Global Finance for Rainforest Action Network

listen to this man

April 17, 2009

Van Jones on Focus the Nation