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compost with me, this sunday at hayseed’s big city farm supply!

April 30, 2012

If there’s one good thing you can do for the Earth, it’s to facilitate the process of making nutrient rich, black gold. Compost that is. And, yes, it is possible to compost in the city! Come learn how this Sunday, May 6 from 10am to 12pm at Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply. We’ll go over the basics of composting, including materials, tools, and various systems – from indoor worm composting to outdoor bin systems, and bokashi (fermented food waste).

For more information and to sign up, get ye to the Hayseed’s website!

love the earth, recycle your tree

January 4, 2012

I love this planet, don’t you? We have everything we need right here. Water to keep us hydrated, cleansed, and renewed. Food to energize our bodies. Plants to inspire us and encourage our natural healing abilities… and so much more. So how can we bow down and show our deepest respect to this life-giving mother of a planet? Take only what we need and give back what we are finished benefitting from.

I thoroughly enjoy having a Yuletide (or Christmas, if you prefer) tree during the winter holidays. It brings me joy to smell the fresh resinous scent of evergreen, to cover the tree in shiny heirloom ornaments, to light up our home in the darkness. We drive to a tree farm in New Jersey that does not spray chemicals on their trees. We carefully choose our tree and thank it for providing us with festive feelings. My sweetheart cuts it and we bring it home. The boughs we trim from the tree go into oil for healing salves, in vinegar (for vitamin C), and in alcohol for a stimulating tincture. When the holidays are over and the tree has lost its luster, we carefully pack away the decorations. Then we bring it to the community garden and have it mulched. Our tree will return to the soil. It will slowly break down, providing organic matter, slowly percolating water to roots, modulating the ground temperature for trees and perennial shrubs. Our tree will not be sent to a landfill in a plastic bag. It is not trash.

If you have a tree that you’ve finished celebrating, please recycle it. This weekend, January 7 & 8, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation is holding its annual Mulchfest. Bring your tree to a participating park or garden and return it to the earth. Thank you!

(Alternatively, NYC Department of Sanitation says they’ll recycle your tree – just make sure it is completely naked when you put it on the curb. Collection will be up until January 14.)

PS. Please, do not do this with your tree:

expounding on hot grease

December 5, 2010

In a shipping container in the backyard of Roberta’s restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn is the home of Heritage Radio Network – an internet radio station dedicated to spreading the good food gospel. My friend Nicole Taylor (aka Food Culturist) hosts a show on said station. It’s called Hot Grease (knowing she’s from Georgia, it’s apropos).

A few weeks ago, I was on her show, with an air date TBD. Well, while I was off on my digital detox, the program aired. I only found out after sifting through my emails last night. You can listen to the interview from the Heritage Radio Network site or via podcast on iTunes.

Expounding on Hot Grease

Since it’s only about a 15 minute interview, we didn’t dig too deeply into some of the subjects. So after you give it a listen, see below for more info on some of the stuff we discussed.

Natural Living Skills

For more on the Eco Libris Green Books Campaign, check out the review I wrote of Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills.

No New Clothes

Read all about the Brooklyn Green Team’s No New Clothing Challenge here.


An entire radio station could be dedicated to all things permaculture, let alone an entire show. Here are a few places to start:

Permaculture Principles (the site is inspired by one of the founders of Permaculture, David Holmgren)

Permaculture Institute

Permaculture Activist Magazine (one of my very favorite publications)

The New York Permaculture Meetup Group. Anyone can go to one of their meetings, held the first Tuesday of every month. Meet some great people and learn about the cool ecological projects happening in and around NYC.

To see my design project for the Permaculture Design Certification, check out this post.

Healthy Home Consulting

This is what I do.

Make-it-yourself Parties

Okay, I don’t think we discussed these, but we should have. 😉 I’m now offering make-it-yourself beauty and cleaning product parties. You supply the people and place and I’ll supply the rest ($30 per person). Everyone walks away with 3 customized products and recipes to try at home. Email me for more info: liz (at) raganella (dot) com.

The Hot Five

Five simple things you can do to lead a healthier, more ecological lifestyle.

5. Take off your shoes as you enter your home. Easy enough.

4. Bring in plants. Learn more about the amazing filtering ability of plants.

3. Swap out your cleaning products. Check out the Berkeley Ecology Center’s simple cleaning recipes or try these botanically based formulas from the Herb Companion.

2. Swap out your beauty/hygiene products.Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair by master herbalist Dina Falconi is a book I constantly refer to for inspiration in making my own beauty products.

1. Compost. Check out the NYC Compost Project for tips on composting. Find all the places to compost in Manhattan on the Compost Green Map. This site isn’t quite populated with enough data yet, but FindAComposter has potential to offer people across the country with a go-to source for finding a place to compost.