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vegan shop-up, sunday, october 23

September 30, 2011

Come on out to the Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick for a wonderful assortment of local, vegan goodies & crafts on Sunday, October 23! I’ll be there selling herbal extracts, teas, dental care goods & more.

Details below (and follow this link to see who else will be there – yippee!!!)

Vegan Shop-up
at Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan Street, Brooklyn
(Off the Morgan L)

Sunday, October 23
noon to 5pm

riffing on an already improvised recipe

March 30, 2010

Waking up to the pitter-patter of raindrops on my window, slowly getting out of bed, looking out to see the dark day – I knew this was a day for muffins.

What kind of muffins was the question. Looking in the fridge and cupboards, I saw I had the makings of something interesting. I did a quick search and found something close to what I wanted to make. Something with beets, apples, olive oil, and maple syrup. Something dairy- and egg-free, which is something I haven’t yet dared to attempt.

I found a recipe that was an improvised version of another recipe, and I improvised on that using local and/or organic ingredients. I like to try new things in the kitchen with whatever I have available, and I’m usually pretty lucky with the results. Here’s the recipe I concocted, based on this one here.

Improvised beet-apple-orange muffins

  • 1 1/2 cups flour
    (I used 1/2 cup spelt & 1 cup half white bread flour, both organic Farmer Ground Flour from NY State)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • pinch of mace
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup hemp milk
    (you could use almond or soy)
  • zest of 2 oranges
  • 1 cup shredded apple
  • 1 cup roasted shredded beets
  • juice of half an orange
  • cashew pieces

Mix dry ingredients, except for sugar. In a separate bowl, mix wet ingredients plus sugar. Combine dry and wet ingredients, just coating the dry ones (don’t overmix). Fill a greased or lined muffin tin. Drop some cashew pieces on top for some extra flavor and crunch.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes (my oven took 20 minutes).

Enjoy your pink, healthful & delicious treat!


sun in bloom eco-eatery

March 26, 2010

I just came from Sun In Bloom, my friend Aimee’s new holistic eco-eatery on the border of Park Slope and Prospect Heights, where I had a delicious live vegan burrito made with sunflower seeds, yummy spices, cabbage, avocado, and more goodness packed in to a sprouted grain wrap (or you can go all veg with a cabbage wrap). I’m amazed at what she’s put together in just 3 short months in the old Organic Heights location on Bergen Street.

The menu is an all-day feast of breakfast-inspired treats and sandwiches, wraps & salads – like the burrito I had. Plus on the weekends there are items like do-it-yourself gluten-free pancakes and other brunchy tasties. Not to mention the delicious desserts, all vegan, some gluten-free (I hear the cashew-based cheesecake is divine). Oh yeah, and it’s all organic and/or locally sourced.

In affiliation with FRESH the movie, Sun In Bloom is hosting two food-centric events (see below). A good time to taste the living vegan menu and mingle with passionate foodies! See below for full details.

FRESH Farm to Table Dinner Event

Saturday, April 3 2010
7:00 PM

Sun in Bloom
460 Bergen St, Park Slope Brooklyn, NY 11217

You are invited to a LIVING vegan EXPERIENCE for your FRESH Dinner at Sun In Bloom, a new Holistic Eco-Eatery in Park Slope. This unique restaurant provides a loving and inviting space that nourishes the community. Sun In Bloom’s menu offers affordable and accessible organic raw cuisine and macrobiotic dishes, along with outrageous vegan and raw desserts. The dinner will start with a sampling of our signature appetizers, a choice between two entrée options, finished by a tasting of our outrageous vegan and raw desserts, such as our amazing strawberry shortcake. To make the night even more special the owner and chef, Aimee Follette will be sharing the journey that lead her to open Sun In Bloom and the overall vision of the positive impact she is passionate about making.

Tickets: $50 At this event you will receive a movie voucher to see FRESH at Quad Cinema from April 9-15.
For Reservations, call Sun in Bloom at 718-622-4303.

*FRESH Farm to Table is sponsored by Clean Plates NYC, Manhattan’s only guide to organic, local, sustainable and delicious restaurants for both carnivores and vegetarians.

FRESH Living Raw Cuisine Tasting Event

Saturday, April 10 2010
7:00 PM

Sun in Bloom
460 Bergen St. Park Slope Brooklyn, NY 11217

Come to Sun In Bloom, a new Holistic Eco-Eatery in Park Slope to enjoy the divine pleasure of a LIVING vegan EXPERIENCE! This unique restaurant provides a loving and inviting space that nourishes the community. Throughout the evening you will be surprised with a variety of our signature raw hors d’oeuvres, which we will describe while you sample. To give you a small preview, Sun In Bloom’s famous kale chips are marinated in aphrodisiac ginger sesame dressing and then dehydrated to make the perfect guilt free and delicious snack. And, we could not end the night without a tasting of our irresistible and gluten-free raw desserts. You will not want to miss the amazing strawberry shortcake, chocolate-chai spice cake, and chocolate truffles to name a few!

Tickets: $36. At this event you will receive a movie voucher to see FRESH at Quad Cinema from April 9-15.
For reservations, please call Sun in Bloom 718-622-4303.

reflecting on l.o.v.e.

April 15, 2009

A reader requested that I post a summary of how I felt on last week’s raw, vegan adventure. Not a bad idea. Here are the highlights of the physical, mental, and emotional roller coaster that is l.o.v.e. (

For the full experience, start reading here and work your way to today.

l.o.v.e. – the recap

On Monday, I took on l.o.v.e. with few expectations. I knew a little bit about what I was getting into. I knew it would be raw. I knew what there wouldn’t be — animal products — and that was fine with me. I knew there would be juice. I’m generally not a juice drinker. I like to sink my teeth into what I consume. I tend to feel hungry often. Whether this is a real physical hunger or a pattern ingrained in my brain, I would figure out as the week progressed.

During the week I felt hungry alright. Especially in the morning. I drank my juices and I felt hungry. I tried to breathe deeply and focus on work, but that was a challenge. I realized how much I think about food, what an integral part of my day it is. Every meal is a question. Fortunately for me, it’s not ‘will I eat,’ but ‘what will I eat.’ I thought of this often. How fortunate I am to have this basic need covered. There is never a doubt in my mind that I will be able to acquire something to eat, let alone something healthful and nourishing.

During the raw detox, I didn’t need to think about what to eat. All of my meals were prepared for me, I just had to pick them up every morning.

What I needed was self-control.

Before I’d pick up my meals, I would read an email with the menu and instructions for the day. Next to each meal was an approximate time for consuming it.

For the first 3 days, this is how it went. First, the energy elixir at around 8 or 9am. Then, a little bit of self-control. Drink some water. Next, fruit juice at around 10 or 11am. Then a little more self-control. Don’t look at the clock, stop thinking about food. Stop salivating when the person next to you is eating an egg and cheese sandwich. Drink more water. At around 12 or 1pm, it was time for veggie juice. Sip it slowly. Make it last. Enjoy the savory flavor. Think about how good this is for you.

At 2pm, time to rejoice. It’s time to really eat. This might have been my favorite part. Every day was a new inventive lunch. Spicy burrito, chipotle nappa wrap, sunflower falafel. It was divine. I resisted the urge to just shove it all in. I took my time. I savored each bite. And the funny thing is, it wasn’t so hard to do. Eating slowly made the enjoyment last longer, and it fulfilled me even more than if I would have scarfed it all down at once.

Another meal came at around 4pm. Usually something light, a salad of beets or edamame. I had something planned after work every day that week, so I wouldn’t be able to eat meals 6 and 7 until at least 8pm. I found I wasn’t really hungry in the evenings. I felt really calm. I’d still think about eating my last two courses, both dessert in my mind. But I think I could have done without them, or at least not finished them.

I grew up with the rule of ‘no dessert until you finish your dinner.’ I don’t think it’s a bad rule, but it definitely trained me to think that I should always finish everything on my plate, regardless of how full I feel. I try to be mindful of whether I’m eating out of habit or desire, or eating because I’m still hungry. It’s amazing how little it takes to truly satisfy physical hunger. The hard part is telling my self that I don’t need to keep eating.

And then something clicked

On day 4, something magical happened. My whole body buzzed with energy. I felt euphoric. I didn’t need to watch the clock. When it was time to eat, my body knew it. I’d float out of my chair and calmly go to the fridge. Sit down and enjoy. I’ll admit that I was getting a little bored with the juices, even though I knew they had something to do with the amazing feeling coursing through me. That night I went to yoga, uncertain of whether I could make it through class. I more than made it through. I could see myself shining in the mirror. A friend and teacher who was in the same class later told me that my aura was aglow. I believe it.

If day 4 was the pinnacle, day 5 was the descent. If you’ve been following these posts you’ll know, that was at the end of day 4, the monthly visitor came to ravage my insides. I thought I had it covered with a hot water bottle and ginger tea, but when I awoke on Friday at 4:45am, I had to give in and pop a couple of pain killers. I felt a twinge of failure, having to poison my newly detoxified insides. But there wasn’t really anything I could do. I knew the pain would be even more distracting than any amount of hunger I felt all week would be.

On my last day of the fast, I felt ready to move on. I also felt a bit conflicted. What should I eat tomorrow? There were some basic instructions about coming down from the detox, like eating fruit and salads (which I partly followed). But after having gone through this, I didn’t want to screw it up and return to old eating habits. Not that I was an unhealthy eater before. A friend once told me that of everyone she knew, if she had to lick anyone’s sweat, it would be mine. (I’m not sure what would warrant that kind of action, but hey, I took it as a compliment.)

Before the fast, I already thought a lot about what I put into my body. I cut back on meat and dairy, I tried not to eat highly processed foods (though one of my vices is Mallowmars, thankfully, they’re a seasonal food). I ate veggies, fruits, and nuts regularly.

Now, I have an even greater perspective.

I have a better sense of when I’m really hungry, or just falling into a pattern of eating. And I’ve been exposed to another way of enjoying food (isn’t that what it’s all about?). I feel fortunate to have been able to experience this pure way of eating, and the pure feeling of bliss it can bring.

the end of the affair: final day of the lovefast

April 10, 2009

Only 1 meal left in my week-long live organic vegan experience (l.o.v.e.) and I’m not sure what happens next.

Tomorrow, as I ease out of the fast, I can make my own food choices again, instead of being fed by a sort-of personal chef. It’s been quite a luxury to change my routine and be provided meals without thinking about it.

I’ve been asked if I’ll continue this way of eating, and the answer is yes and no. To all of the vegetarians and vegans out there, sorry to say that I’m not ready to completely give up meat just yet. I think this was a step in the right direction though, to at least let me contemplate what other food choices are out there. I plan to eat less meat and dairy than I already do; I already eat meat only a couple of times a week at this point.

I’m happy to have broadened my horizons and get a little taste of what the raw food world is like. I plan on trying out some raw recipes that have come my way, and to replicate some of the meals that I ate this week.

Consequently, I came across this blog post on Melange defending the raw food lifestyle. It’s easy to attack something when we don’t have all the facts. Before I even considered this 5-day raw food journey I know that I was a little skeptical about it as well. But there is an abundance of healthful ways to eat raw or live food that one could easily thrive on, as long as they are willing to adapt their way of preparing food and maintaining a balance of nutrition. It’s not like raw foodists are just eating carrot sticks all day. It goes way deeper than that. And like I mentioned in a previous post, I think preparing raw food is a very creative outlet, maybe even an art form.

As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. In limiting this one integral aspect of my life for 5 days, I’ve opened my mind up to so much more.

Thanks to Organic Avenue for preparing such delicious food this week.

If you’re curious about raw and/or vegan food, do a little research and give it a try!

double whammy – lovefast day 5

April 10, 2009

Just as I suspected, as Bikram class was ending last night, something in my body was starting. I won’t go into too much detail; let’s just say I was being paid a monthly visit. I didn’t want to take any drugs to combat the pains I know I’d be feeling once it really kicked in, so when I got home I brewed some ginger tea and slapped a hot water bottle onto my belly. Ah, this works, I thought. I was happy that I didn’t have to poison my newly detoxified system with acetaminophen.

But then at around 4:45 this morning I was awakened by the pain. Knowing I couldn’t strap the hot water bottle to myself all day, I took the two little pills to get me through the day. A necessary evil that happens only one day a month.

Then this happened: as I was walking down 8th Ave, right after picking up my meals for today (my last day of the raw, vegan fast), I felt a strong tingling tickle inside my nose. AAaaah-AAaaah-choooo!!!

Hello allergy season.

lovefast and bikram

April 9, 2009

Now I understand why some people who do Bikram yoga are into raw food. I hadn’t been to Bikram in over a week and was curious as to how I would feel being on this detoxifying diet. Before I even got all hot and sweaty, I could see the glow on my face (in Bikram yoga, everyone faces a mirror — it takes getting used to). I was able to participate in the class at the same level I usually do, but something felt different. Some asanas just seemed a little easier — mainly camel (Ustrasana, pictured above), seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana), and seated spinal twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana). I guess everything was a little freer to move inside of me, there was little obstruction, so to speak.

I didn’t feel weak, I didn’t feel hungry. Those were my original fears. Guess there was nothing to worry about.

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lovefast day 4

April 9, 2009

Sorry this picture is all a-blur.

I’m high on raw, vegan spicy burrito. This stuff is amazing! (and I feel incredible).

Spicy Burrito: Lentils, parsnip, cilantro, oregano, coriander, jalapenos, cumin, chipotle, olive oil, lime juice, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coconut, walnuts, sage, miso, bell peppers, flax seed, lemon juice, chili powder, black pepper, mesquite, sea salt

If you live in NYC and want to try it out, head on down to Organic Avenue, now at two locations:

101 Stanton St (btw Orchard and Ludlow)

43 Eighth Ave (btw Jane and Horatio)

The lovefast continues…

let me clear things up…

April 8, 2009

I’ve received a couple of concerned calls about the last post. I just want to tell you all — I am feeling fine! I guess I hit “publish post” without realizing that what I wrote sounded wan and desperate. Really, it’s far from it. Right now, I am feeling fully satiated by the chocolate coconut macaroons I just ate. Feeling very full in fact.

(See, happy as a clam >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

It’s like I said in the last post, during the day I feel a little whiny. There may be more than one reason for that: a) the fast seems the most obvious, b) lack of sleep (my honey’s away in LA), c) PMS (hate to get that personal, but hey, dems da breaks), d) I haven’t gone to Bikram in over a week.

At night, I feel great. Relaxed, at peace, what have you. Everything’s hunky dory.

Okay, just wanted to clear that up.

Enjoy the evening!

PS, this is all about the fast, read more if you don’t know what the hay I’m talkin’ ’bout (or just scroll down and you’ll get the picture).

fried chicken, get away!

April 8, 2009

Some of my colleagues are eating fried chicken. It looks and smells awesome. If I sit near them drool might start dribbling down my chin. I might push it off the table onto the carpet in protest. So I’m just going to enjoy my Ginger Almond Nori Roll — alone. It’s awesome, just in a different way.

I deliberately eat more slowly than I normally would (and if you ask my friends, they’ll tell you I’m already a very slow eater). The finite nature of the day’s meals make me carefully consider how I eat. I pay attention to each bite and think about how it will sustain me until the next course.

It takes me over 40 minutes to eat 6 pieces of nori roll. Normally, it might take me 10.

A bit later… It has only been about 35 minutes since I ate lunch and I am hungry and light-headed. What’s that about? I just want to make some lemon ginger tea, but don’t know if that’s off limits right now. Anything to make these feelings subside. I guess I’ll go and get a cup of tasteless hot water.

Can’t concentrate. I think it’s from the lack of sleep for the past 3 nights. I could use a nap.

I’ve noticed that during the day, when I’m working, I feel like a whiny baby. Bouts of hunger, bouts of wooziness, lack of concentration. But as soon as I leave I am calm, almost catatonic in my composure. When I get home, there is nothing to complain about, I feel good. And I look back and wonder why I was a whiny baby all day. It’s more than the fast that’s making me feel this way. There is a lesson in here somewhere… Don’t work! 😉

What’s this post all about?
Read my l.o.v.e. (live organic vegan experience)