What fans are saying about Raganella’s Botanical Solutions…

You’ve been a favorite in my household all summer long! ~ Meg P., Brooklyn, NY

sunflower, comfrey & lavender facial scrub

I love the Lavender Comfrey Scrub. One of the most elegant, gentle and effective facial scrubs that I have tried. Thank you! ~ Barbara M., Brooklyn, NY

here comes the sunscreen

♥ Here Comes the Sun/screen. Guess that’s why I’m getting some more of it from you tomorrow. Let’s me tan gently without burning and no nasty ingredients with scary side effects. ~ Leda M., Brooklyn, NY

gonna git you sucka! bug repellent

OK – This stuff works!! I used it in the Adirondacks where they grow mosquitoes the size of planes and I didn’t get ONE bite the entire time I was there!! The smell is wonderful, it’s not at all greasy and I didn’t feel like I needed a shower after using it. Thanks so much!!
~ Ann, Long Island, NY

This saved me. Esp when the bugs came out in full force. Consider it African wilderness approved 🙂
~ Liza D., Brooklyn NY

“Gonna git you sucka” is kicking bug butt at camp! ~ Jenn B., Queens, NY

sweet orange & vanilla face & body cream

I have little lines all over my arms and especially hands. When i use your lotion they disappear. I thought that my hands were going to look like that for the rest of my life, but now they don’t! Pretty amazing stuff. Yay nature!
~ Stacey M., Brooklyn, NY

lemon antibacterial surface cleaner

I love the lemon antibacterial surface cleaner. It smells divine and makes everything fresh and clean. It feels natural and healthy and I don’t worry about any poisons on my surfaces.
~ Brent B., Queens, NY

A very nice change from harsh chemicals, this is natural, smells great and gets the job done.
~ Marcia, Tacoma, WA

eucalyptus mildew remover

Works very well..appreciate the glass bottles also!
~ Margaret J., Henderson, NV


…and about her make-it-yourself workshops…

I had a great time. I never dreamed of all the different things you had… the different herbs you can actually use on your face. I was very excited about the lotion we made… it was fantastic.

This is my third workshop with Liz… I liked learning about how the different oils and herbs can help with my skin, because it tends to be oily. It’s nice to know there are natural things out there that can help me. It was awesome, thank you!
~Laura S

I had a really fun time. I like using lotions so it made me think twice about some of the products I’m using that might be harmful to me… I would definitely do something like this again.
~Diane G

This was very informative. I’ve never really looked at labels before… I’m prone to migraines so you kind of hit a nerve there, so I’ll look into things a little bit more… I’d like to learn more about [non-toxic body care].
~Joanne M

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